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A D U L T  C L A S S E S

Maya Moves

Maya Moves combines fitness with original dance choreography.  You’ll sculpt, sweat and get your heart rate up before learning a fun and easy dance combination, catered to a non dancer. No prior dance experience is needed!


Maya Moves x Unemployed Denim Event 2/11 Tuesday 7:00pm

Sculpt & Choreography

Sarika Dance Fitness

Fun, high energy dance class with a fusion of Latin, Hip-Hop, Soca, Top 40s, and Bollywood. The easy to follow dance steps will feel like a party instead of a workout. In this class you will burn calories and increase cardio-respiratory endurance all while toning and sculpting your body.


2/12 Wednesday 6:30 PM

3/18 Wednesday 6:30 PM

Zumba + Toning

Dance Cardio Plus

Dance Cardio Plus is a fun, total body workout that combines high energy, easy to follow dance cardio routines and body sculpting exercises. You'll tighten and tone your abs, arms, legs, and booty and burn tons of calories dancing to the best hip-hop and top 40 hits.


Wednesday 7:00 AM 

Dance Cardio

Lei Pasifika

Learn the fundamental steps and terminology used in the rhythmic art of Tahitian Dance (Ori Tahiti) with our basics class by exploring drills and dances.  Open to all levels.


Thursday 7:00 PM

Tahitian Dance

The Ballet Spot

The Ballet Spot, zero judgment dancing meets ballet excellence. We make real ballet accessible and FUN for all.We believe a dancer's body is a body that dances. No prior dance experience is needed for any of our classes, and all of our classes are instructed by a professional dancer.

Stretch & Refresh Tuesday 6:30 PM

Cardio Ballet Pop Hits Tuesday 7:30 PM 

Ballet Breathe & Flow Saturday 12:00 PM 

Cardio Ballet Pop Hits Sunday 11:00 AM 

Ballet Fitness